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> > So, you are using a database to store the records?
> Yes.  What's the point in taking the user's information if you
> aren't going to store it somewhere. Even if all you need to do is
> email the data upon completion of the form, storing the data for
> later use would be a good idea.

Since it seems like you are inferring otherwise, I should say that a
database isn't the only way to store information.

Also, many multiple page forms like this are for some sort of user
registration or similar task where you might want the entire process
completed prior to creating a user record. Perhaps he doesn't want to
create the record in the database prior to the user finishing all the

Sessions are the more straightforward approach to keeping up with
data like this. After all, not everything warrants permanent storage,
which is why most Web applications generally have two data stores:

1. Permanent user record data store (where you might store username
and password, for example)
2. Session data store (where you might store whether a user is logged
in or keep up with form data from page to page)


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