The greatest benefit for me is that SSH has been ruinously slow.  Each
line has to be sent out as a whole to be efficient.

I can see 2 (or 2 1/2) direct improvements that leverage (X)HTML:

First, making directory (or folder) names hypertext links that bring
you right to that folder would speed up admin considerably.

Second, making some kind of edit app so that full-line scripts can be
written and uploaded and executed (or evoked) would bring the app into
the "big leagues."

Having achieved both of those, it would be elementary to create a link
next to each file that would allow editing of the file, which would be
killer -- and would essentially eliminate all the so-called WebOS ajax
implementations (which have been disappointing, in my experience).

Once that is achieved, then I wonder if there is a way to create an
SSL tunnel for all the activity.

On the topic of security, I use the Apache authentication to get to my
"adm/bin" directory (that has all the other sensitive tools) on top of
the existing authen.

Cheers, John

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