Am 06.06.2012 00:11, schrieb Jan Kanis:
> Wolfgang,
> I only now saw that there has been activity in the phpshell
> repository during the last two years.

I wrote a article about Phpshell for some Magazines
( and
(in German)) - but the last released version of phpshell did not work
with recent PHP versions, so Martin Geisler (the original author) handed
over the maintainance to me.

> I have some changes that I made in october 2010.
> If I update the patches to apply to trunk, is there a possibility
> they can get incorporated?

Of course. You can also get SVN access and check in improvements by
yourself, if you want to contribute more often.
It seems, that now there are no other developers who submit code
regularly - and it would be nice, if I am not the only guy who develops

Best regards,

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