I'll have a look at what the admin side of sourceforge brings.

Regarding password storage, the problem is that /password/ hashing should
be (relatively) slow, to prevent brute force searches on ever faster
hardware. I want to use phpass <> for that,
which is also used by Drupal, Wordpress, phpBB and other projects. It
supports even php version 3, using stronger hashes when available. See
this<>for more

I also intend to keep everything php4 compatible, when I first started
using phpshell I also needed that.

On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 9:20 PM, Wolfgang Dautermann <> wrote:

> Am 13.06.2012 09:46, schrieb Jan Kanis:
> > Hi Wolfgang,
> >
> > SVN access would be easiest for me.
> Hi Jan!
> You are now a member of the project with SVN access.
> Welcome to the team.
> > I currently just intend to add the changes I already made to the
> > official repo and I'll probably add a better password hashing since
> > just SHA is not considered secure anymore for password storage.
> Hm. Concerning password hashing - I believe sha1() *with salt* should be
> okay. There is no (native) sha2() function in PHP - yes you have the
> hash()-function, but there are recent PHP versions (>= 5.1.2) required.
> And I think a self-coded sha2()-function (in PHP) might be more insecure
> than (salted) sha1().
> Even for the move from md5() to sha1() I checked, if sha1() is
> available, because it is only present in PHP >= 4.3.0:
>       if ( function_exists('sha1') ) {
>            $fkt = 'sha1' ;
>        } else {
>            $fkt = 'md5' ;
>        } ;
> Would be fine, if phpshell works even with older PHP versions (because
> that is my use-case. I need it sometimes on a server with PHP 4.3.1 (no,
> I am not the admin there...), to remove some files created by apache, ...)
> Best regards from Austria,
> Wolfgang
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