Hi all, It is nice to have all this attention (all of a sudden)

In fairness to Perl and Shell(s), they are very good in their contexts
which is low level control of the OS.  Perl was first to be a Web
server, but that was 17 yrs ago, and 12 yrs ago it was basically
"killed" by the tech crash of 2000, and also the terror event on Sept
11, 2001 at the World Trade Center, as influential NYC CPU community
was meeting in those very buildings and thriving because of financial

The history of Perl is a long topic far beyond the scope of this
group, but suffice to say it halted on a certain date with all its
projects becoming sad shipwrecks on the beaches of the information
sea.  There were unquestionably  maladaptive issues along (such as
continual violent flaming sometimes manifested as physical threats)
that may have added to its demise by allowing, well, mental illness to
control the basic design.  I actually heard Larry Walls say a certain
concept should be inserted by saying it "is sick."  Telling indeed!

Having said that, I am planning to deconstruct the Oddmuse wiki, which
is written in perl, to created a tool for collaborative creation to
understand its structure.

SInce mobwrite is the collaboration vehicle of choice (used and tested
by Google Docs which has suddenly become useless because of Ajax
problems) then the suggestion for using Python seems appropriate
because the server is written in Python.  As is, the document state
control in Mobwrite is separate from the saving features when it is
implemented with, say, a wiki.

So perhaps the underlying toolset of this PHP shell should be
converted to Python so that it can be implemented into bigger systems.
 Or perhaps PHP be organized to give it the benefits of Python and
mobwrite binaries inserted into a PHP.

Thus one gets the two necessary features of web expression:  textual
creation and system control.  Within this needs to be a development
system (so that the user can actually control his technological
destiny) that actually wraps the two.

As is you barely get either, and nothing combines them.  Pretty sad
after about a 1/4 century of Internet, wouldn't you say?

Regards, John

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