>  1) I have all my library files in a separate library directory.  All
> libraries adhere to PEAR naming conventions, and directory placement

>  3) My public facing php files reference libraries behind what is
> publicly exposed via the web server

Ok, so let me just replay this to make sure I have understood. For 1
and 3 you are looking to deploy like this:


Where MyPublic looks something like


include 'bootstrap.php';
include 'MyService.php';


And when you pass try to call the service you use a URL something like


But SCA is expecting


and hence doesn't call the service. Is this right?

You are right that there has not been a lot of discussion about this.
I think the reason this was done was to support scripts that want to
call PHP services locally, i.e. the calling script doesn't want to
expose the included service in the way you have described. There isn;t
a way though to suppor the scenario above but it could be done. Some
thoughts off the top of my head...

1/ Add an annotation that allows for an alternative name for a service
instead of the class name
2/ Allow the local service call tests to be turned off in some way

Are there ways you would rather have this work?

> On point 2, if I don't move my service class outside of the public PHP
> script, I cannot include the bootstrap file at the top, followed by an
> include of SCA.php.  SCA.php then assumes that my bootstrap script
> contains my class for service binding.

Not sure that I get this. Is the following what you describe?


include 'bootstrap.php';
include 'SCA/SCA.php';

class ????




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