I just checked in a couple of changes to the new CURLEW branch. I've
been looking at the association between file name and service name in
the code and it's a bit intertwined at the moment. I'll start a new
thread on what this really means but in the mean time I've made the
following changes as an experimrnt to see if the interface works in
your environment...


Added a new operation SCA::dispatch(classname). This allows the
incomming request to be dispatched to SCA as opposed to calling the
SCA service locally from the php script, for example,

include 'Lib/HelloWorld.php';

The idea is it can take account of PEAR naming standards. To achieve
this in this experiment I have made changes to


guessClassName() now goes on to look for matches using PEAR coding

getFileContainingClass() looks for included files based on PEAR coding
standards. This is not a complete test at the moment

So you should be able to dispatch to your class file that you are
including from outside of the htdocs directory. I haven't tested with
the Zend Framwork methods you are using though so I'd be interested to
hear what happens

The code in CURLEW is, currently, everything that Matthew has just
released from head + these two changes.



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