Hi Mike

I had to do a presentation this morning so just got back to looking at
this. I started thinking about the API approach and thought I would
mock it up with what we have already before making changes. So
repeated the SCA initialization call that happens internally. I had a
HelloWorld test where I moved the service file into a lib directory
and constructd a php file that includes it.

include 'lib/HelloWorld.php';

$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] = 'C:\phpscripts\lib\HelloWorld.php';

So I'm sure resetting SCRIPT_FILENAME is a dodgy thing to do and I
wouln't recommend it but I just allows me to sidestep the SCA test and
get it running. So we could replace this with some SCA api like


Where filename is the name of the file/service you want to dispatch
to. Does that sound OK. I would like to make filename servicename
instead but not sure I can do that yet.



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