Graham Charters wrote:
> Ah, I think I have misunderstood, and it's the subtle (at least to my
> brain) distinction between SDO and SDO_DataObject.  What do you mean
> by "adding a property to the extension"?  I'm not aware of an
> interface we expose called "SDO" so jumped to the conclusion that this
> was the SDO_DataObject.  Why would this not be on the SDO_DAS_XML?

Actually I agree, I think it would be better for the cache to be a 
static property of the SDO_DAS_XML class rather than an extension 
global. Still doesn't affect the SDO_DataObject interface, though.

So, if you do :
   php --rc SDO_DAS_XML

it would appear in that currently empty array :
   - Static properties [0] { }

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