On 16 Apr, 09:28, "Matthew Peters" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi Rob, thank you for this. Once again you've thought of things that I
> haven't so your input is very valuable whenever it comes...though
> sorry if you've had to say it twice; I promise not to forget this
> time.

Not a big deal, was probably in one of the emails way back when this
initially came up.

> We (that's Graham and a couple of others) are going to get together
> here tomorrow to have a look at what I have done so far and I will
> make sure we talk through:
> 1. an ini option to turn off caching - a must-have for shared hosting
> 2. per-request caching - I wasn't doing this yet but a definite
> possibility - just need to work out when it pays off
> 3. file-based caching

Disabling caching by default would probably be safest. Those needing
to use it would have the capability to enable it.

> What I really want to know is .... what is the meaning of the
> smiley :/
> I keep looking at it and keep seeing it as a frog with its tongue
> out :)

More along the lines of - Sorry for coming to the party so late;
please don't hit me with the plastic utensils.

I had meant to follow up on some of your postings (almost a month ago
now) and never got around to it.


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