On 5 Jun, 10:36, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Graham Charters wrote:
> > One *real* comment: I think we should be getting into the habit of
> > using "magic method"-style things which appear on the SDO interface
> > (and also our proxy interfaces) to reduce the risk of clashes with the
> > business interfaces (in this case the properties of an SDO, and in the
> > case of our proxies it would be the service methods).
> Graham, I quite agree that the SCA proxies should not be cluttered up
> with service methods, but I'm not quite sure why you mentioned this in
> this particular thread - are you unhappy with the interface Matthew
> proposed?

I mentioned the proxies as one of the two areas where we need to keep
the interface clean (the other was SDO).  I mentioned SDO because the
"cache" appears to be on the SDO interface in Matthew's example code
(unless I've misunderstood).

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