On 16 Jul, 05:29, Matthew Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Rob, thank you very much for your investigations. You suggested
> earlier that it might be possible to change the soap binding so that
> it passes the info in on the handle() call. Presumably this would work
> in all cases without needing to rely on how php was built?


That is correct. If a SOAP request is passed to the handle() method,
the server will use that rather than trying to pull it from the POST
Nice thing about this is that it allows the server to be tested and
debugged under CLI. It could also be used to grab a request that might
be stored in a message queue for later processing, processed and then
acted upon (maybe pushing the boundaries of the language itself, but
very doable).

Anyways, as long as you can extract the soap request (i.e. from
$HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA, php://input or some other source) you can pass it
as a string to handle(). It might be a good idea to have the binding
work the same way - allow data to be passed, in which case it would
pass it to the handle() method; otherwise it doesn't pass anything and
the SOAP server acts in the same manner as it does now.


Thanks for pointing that out. I had forgotten that it was tested


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