On 4 Sep, 00:15, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> simonslaws-gM/[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > Before I go and do that I need to ask the question about whether we
> > want to make SAM a mandatory dependency.
> I don't think we can let SAM be a mandatory dependency. The tests should
> simply be skipped if SAM is unavailable.

I agree that we should not make SAM a mandatory dependency at this
stage, and I'll fix the unit test.

The reason I chose SAM is not only because SAM provided a simple
solution for PHP applications to send and receive messages to
messaging brokers. But more importantly SAM has a generic extension
mechanism which makes it easy to add new support. Using SAM means the
messaging binding can talk to a number of different messaging and
queuing middleware systems without changing the binding itself.

Simon, I do have some other changes, I'll make a new patch later this



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