Jack Zai wrote:

> Unlike any of other bindings, where an http server is used for
> listening to the ports, for the ms binding, a service is started from
> a console (e.g. > php myservice.php). Once the service is started, it
> will keep trying to get message from the queue, and it can be
> terminated by pressing <Ctrl> + <C>.

Can you explain a bit more? In an enterprise environment I would imagine 
the JMS service being started by some mechanism outside the scope of 
your binding. So your command-line service, is that just a way to 
bootstrap a JMS service locally?

I'm assuming that your SCA binding is a client only, that is, it 
provides an SCA proxy to a remote JMS service, but not a wrapper for a 
local service to be exposed to non-SCA JMS clients. Is that right?

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