Paul Scott wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 04:44 -0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> I'll log it in Tuscany and make a change. I can make the change
>> locally on PECL in the first instance. If people have doubts about
>> this then let me know.
> I have some serious doubts about that... Modifying to cater for
> hyphenated names is asking for trouble - kind of like modifying SQL
> standards to let people create reserved word field names...

Paul, not sure where you're coming from here - I think this really 
should work. There's no issue from the PHP point of view; this stuff is 
documented under the "Variable variables" section of the manual 
(, and the syntax

    $my_object->{'weird-characters-here'} = "some text";

is perfectly respectable. And Simon has pointed us at the relevant 
section of the XML spec ( 
It's just a shame that Tuscany is barfing on it at present (I think it's 
Tuscany rather than libxml, as borne out but Harm's successful use of 
this syntax with simplexml).

Can you elaborate your doubts a bit more?

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