i just write my first demo for sca php,helloworld,the code is:

include 'SCA/SCA.php';

 * @service
 * @binding.soap
class Greeting
      * @param string $name
      * @return string
    public function greet($name)
        return 'hello ' . $name;
and when i run the code above,it generated the wsdl,and the wsdl is:

and i can use the ie browser to see it.
the the client code is:

include 'SCA/SCA.php';

//$wsdl = file_get_contents('http://localhost:8082/myphp/
//file_put_contents("service.wsdl",$wsdl); //write the wsdl to a file

$greeting_service  = SCA::getService('http://localhost:8082/myphp/

echo $greeting_service->greet('liaoyurong');

but when i runt the code,i wait for a long time,then get the result

Fatal error: Uncaught SCA_RuntimeException: SDO_Exception in
setWSDLTypes : SDO_DAS_XML::create - Unable to parse the supplied xsd
file 1 parse error(s) occurred when parsing the file 'http://localhost:
8082/myphp/helloworldscawsreference/Greeting.wsdl': 1.
xmlSAXUserParseFile returned an error -1 thrown in D:\php5\PEAR\SCA
\Bindings\soap\Proxy.php on line 104

my php version is php 5.2.8,the run in visita system

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