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> > Thanks for this information, do you have created a custom DTD for PHPTAL
> with all the attributes list ?
> > This will be cool if you can share it :-)
> I have sent a copy of the custom DTD privately. It merely appends some
> attributes that enabled me to validate 3 attributes:
> <!-- Customised to suit template.html -->
> <!ATTLIST html metal:define-macro CDATA #IMPLIED>
> <!ATTLIST div metal:define-slot CDATA #IMPLIED>
> <!ATTLIST title tal:content CDATA #IMPLIED>
> I see that Tjerk has written:
> > It would be much easier if you could just add tal: and metal: inside the
> %coreattrs definition ;-)
> I'm not sure what he means. If anyone knows how to extend a DTD in a more
> general way to suit any PHPTAL file, I would love to see it.
> Chris

Hi Chris,

I have just find your email in my SPAM box, sorry !
Thanks a lots for your DTD, this works fine, but like you said, we have
to manually set each PHPTAL attributes used on each XHTML tag used.

For others interested guys, you have to copy the DTD of your choice and
add the lines of Chris at the end, and to replace your DOCTYPE by this
one :

This will permit you to check the good validity of your templates
PHPTAL, and for the real generated XHTML code, just replace this at the
fly by the good public XHTML DTD.

I'll try to investigate on the way of Tjerk about the %coreattrs.

Thanks you Tjerk and Chris for your help !
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