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> On 18-05-2009 at 09:23:24 Guillaume Lecanu <guilla...@lya.fr> wrote:
> > I have no knowledges in DTD specifications, how can we said the
> > <tal:block> is available anywhere in the code ?
> I'm afraid that DTD isn't able to express it (doesn't have what HTML5 calls 
> transparent content model).
> In terms of DTD, <*:block> elements are closest to HTML's <ins> and <del> - 
> they can be used in both block and inline context and need to be allowed to 
> contain anything.
> >> 3) same for <metal:block> i guess? ;-)
> >
> > What is <metal:block> ? I don't see it in the manual... ?
> >
> > You would mean there is also <i18n:block> and <phptal:block> ?
> Yes.

Hi again,

Here is the final XHTML STRICT custom DTD for PHPTAL.

I have added the <tal:block> <metal:block> <i18n:block> <phptal:block>
with the full attributes and their stripped attributes version.

Like advised by Tjerk, I have also separated the %coreattrs from the %

Thanks all for your help, I think we have the final DTD now ! :-)

PS for Kornel: Still no private emails received from you, I have
explicitly white-listed your email, you can try to re-sent to
guilla...@lya.fr, thanks !

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