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Does anyone have any additional input on this point?  From what I've
gathered, pandoc is what you want if your converting between any number of markup languages. It can convert to DocBook, RST, Markdown, and many
others.  Unfortunately, it does not take DocBook as an input format.

pandoc is difficult to install for me. Did you get it working?

DocBook -> HTML -> Markdown might work?

Based on the links provided by Christoph, there are some tools for
converting DocBook to RST, but they appear to be in their infancy. I have not experimented with them yet.

As a broader question, is Markdown the preferred format? Or is the format open to general discussion? I do not have a preference at this time nor do I know enough of the pros/cons of each to say anything about which is the better tool for the job, but it might be worth hearing from people who have more experience with them.

I have slight preference for Markdown, since it uses single backtick for inline code. reStructuredText is fine though.

The next step would be to look into tool that produces multipage documentation from the single source file. I don't know of any for Markdown, so if reStructuredText has good (post)processors, it might be better. Otherwise, I'll probably write something myself.

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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