On Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 01:36:27PM -0700, Darrell Hamilton wrote:

As for RST vs Markdown in general: I would assume, that their
differences are minor and are of the YMMV kind.  I would consider any
developer being able to adopt fast.

> Pandoc does have some optional Markdown extensions for dealing with
> inline code and syntax highlighting.  Aside from seeing the syntax, I
> have not played around with it yet.

Sphinx does this too on top of RST - yet its focus is on python and
C(++) -- maybe this is to consider, when doing lots of PHP centric
stuff.  Adding (PHP)TAL syntax highlighting on top of the XML/HTML-Code
of the framework has to be done by hand in any way.

> Unless someone else has input on the capabilities of RST to break down a
> single document into parts, I'll start investigating that next.

For a "single-page" version?  My "single-page" is the PDF and the EPUB
here.  So no experience there on my end.

With Sphinx you just build a directory structure of your liking and then
build a TOC in the pages to link them.  do a ``make'' and you are good
to go.  Changing style is very easy and there are a few themes to start
with already in the base distribution.  Search is done by Javascript and
works reasonably well.

A tool bootstrap you into something to start with and then you write
on.  The tools asks some basic stuff which nearly all of it can be
adjusted in a config file and the rest in the Makefile.  For PDF/EPUB
you just define (optionally) another "start"-page and generate from


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