Stephen Chin schrieb:
> I should have some time to work on this during the week.  Besides 
> integrating those changes, some other things I would like to do are:
>     * Port over my Piccolo-UI testing framework (it is based on FEST-Swing)
>     * Create a JavaFX language binding for Piccolo (for better or worse
>       I am a JavaFX expert now...)
> If no one minds, I will work in trunk on integrating changes (and send 
> out reviews), but work on a branch for those other items.

Yes, please do so!


P.S.: In mid/end of january I'll do a presentation of piccolo2d at the
Java User Group Munich (JUGM) and I'd like to add a quick glance at
JavaFX, could you give a killer-hint as how to start?

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