Hi Stephen,

Stephen Chin schrieb:
> Marcus,
> Probably the best resource for JavaFX today is Jim Weaver's blog:
> http://learnjavafx.typepad.com/
> The Preview 1 SDK is pretty solid and can be used to build cool demos, 
> but there are enough things that will change in the final 1.0 SDK 
> release that you won't want to do anything you are not comfortable 
> rewriting.
> Tell me how things go, and I'll be happy to answer questions or lend a hand.
> I'm also interested in how your presentation prep goes.  I've been 
> tossing around the idea of submitting a proposal for a JavaOne session 
> on Piccolo2D myself.

Thanks a lot for your hints.

I plan to start working on that presentation in early December. But as
the JavaOne Call for Papers ends in November, maybe I'll begin a bit
sooner, so that we can exchange some ideas, right?


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