Probably the best resource for JavaFX today is Jim Weaver's blog:

The Preview 1 SDK is pretty solid and can be used to build cool demos, 
but there are enough things that will change in the final 1.0 SDK 
release that you won't want to do anything you are not comfortable 

Tell me how things go, and I'll be happy to answer questions or lend a hand.

I'm also interested in how your presentation prep goes.  I've been 
tossing around the idea of submitting a proposal for a JavaOne session 
on Piccolo2D myself.


M. Rohrmoser wrote:
> Stephen Chin schrieb:
>> I should have some time to work on this during the week.  Besides 
>> integrating those changes, some other things I would like to do are:
>>     * Port over my Piccolo-UI testing framework (it is based on FEST-Swing)
>>     * Create a JavaFX language binding for Piccolo (for better or worse
>>       I am a JavaFX expert now...)
>> If no one minds, I will work in trunk on integrating changes (and send 
>> out reviews), but work on a branch for those other items.
> Yes, please do so!
>       M
> P.S.: In mid/end of january I'll do a presentation of piccolo2d at the
> Java User Group Munich (JUGM) and I'd like to add a quick glance at
> JavaFX, could you give a killer-hint as how to start?
> >

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