Mark wrote:

> Regarding issue 115:
> What task are needed to for the .Net version and the Piccolo 2D 1.3
> release?  There were a few bugs reported for the 1.2 release, so those
> would need fixed.  All the milestones in the issue tracker for 1.3 are
> for the Java version.
> My interest: I have a project coming up later this year in which I
> plan to use Piccolo.Net and I would like to see it stay current with
> the other versions.  So I'm willing to make some time to keep it
> current.

Most important in my mind is

The Piccolo2D devs can't work on the .Net version if we can't build
it.  None of the.Net issues have been assigned a version since we are
unable to evaluate them.

After that, the general tasks would be:

Update the copyright/license headers
Create a build process that can be automated (with NAnt, I suppose)
Start creating a unit test suite (NUnit)
Add build tools for calculating source code metrics, if available
Evaluate issues fixed in Piccolo2D.Java since 1.2 to see if they are
applicable to .Net versions
Document a release process for .Net artifacts

If there isn't much to fix in the .Net codebase other than the build
stuff, we could release a version 1.2.1 fairly quickly.


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