Harold Howe wrote:

>> My interest: I have a project coming up later this year in which I
>> plan to use Piccolo.Net and I would like to see it stay current with
>> the other versions.  So I'm willing to make some time to keep it
>> current.
> I would like to help how I can in this effort. I have a significant
> investment in piccolo.net dating back to 2005 that is not going away
> anytime soon. I have been maintaining my own fork of the 1.2 .net code
> as needed, so I am familiar with some of the guts inside piccolo. But
> I haven't had to do much to be honest, which is a tribute to how well
> things were done in the first few versions of the library.

Hello Harold,

Please create one or more issues in the tracker at


and attach one or more patches from your fork as necessary.  As soon
as we get the mono build working we'll evaluate and commit.

Alternatively, you may create a branch in say a git-hub mirror of the
svn tree and link to that in your issue(s).

Of course, if you end up being too helpful, you might end up with
commit access.  :)


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