Mark wrote:

> Update:
> As a test I built piccolo, piccolox, and piccolo features with nant
> and mono on win xp and everything seems to work (with zero code changes
> (!)).  So now I'll start working on the nant build for everything.  I
> also plan to test on Ubuntu.

This is great!  Please attach a patch to issue 60 so that we can play along.

> I have a some questions though:
> 1) should we keep the visual studio solution and project files?  They
> seem to be VS 2003 or VS 2005 and VS 2008 will convert them to VS 2008
> (which I have) format making them unusable to previous versions.  I
> think it's an unnecessary burden to be tied to 'the latest and
> greatest' VS.  Besides maintaining a nant build and an IDE build is
> extra work.

I'd vote no.  Does MonoDevelop work off a nant build?  Is it worth using?

> 2) I don't plan on supporting the Direct3D stuff, I'm okay with
> dropping support for that.

Is it possible to split this out into a seperate module?  I'm guessing
that we will need or want multiple implementations of PCanvas, for
Winforms, Gtk#, Cocoa#, and maybe Qyoto.  Some of those might need to
be split into seperate modules for platform-specific compilation.


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