Comment #13 on issue 163 by PSwing doesn't draw dynamic JComponent properly

Sorry, I should have been clearer and it was late.

Adding component.revalidate() with no other changes to PSwing fixes both the ellipsis and layout issues. Apparently the bounds of both the component and PSwing were being
updated using the component's dirty notion of its preferred size.

I then took a look at the HierarchyBoundsListener and PropertyChangeListener added in the constructor, both of which exist to call updateBounds. I added debug output to HierarchyBoundsListener.ancestorResized and PropertyChangeListener.propertyChanged (printing getPropertyName), then ran both TestPSwingDynamicComponent and one of our applications that makes heavy use of PSwing. I didn't see anything that leads me to believe that these listeners are being called in a situation that affects the bounds.

If you'd like me to make the changes to PSwing myself, let me know. I've never committed to Piccolo's SVN repository, so I'll need a little guidance on any formalities.

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