I hope this isn't too naive ....  but couldn't the picoWiki on a CVS and thus be resync'd as desired???

Tomas Hlavaty wrote:
Hi Konrad,

The one nice thing about having core documetnation, which is local
to my system is that I can access it when I'm offline, which is most
of the time.

I get the impression that some people stay online constantly. Here
in Australia however internet connections are comparable expensive
(we don't have true unlimited usage plans, it is all metered by
download amount). So my laptop stays offline unless I really,
really, need somthing that isn't on my system.

good point, I didn't think about that.  Maybe picoWiki could have the
data available for off-line use as a tarball or so allowing you to run
a local picoWiki server?  Or, maybe generate static read-only snapshot
available for download once in a while?



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