Hi Konrad,

> basically tell the system . walk through all your pages generate the
> HTML and save to a file.

you can get something like that with wget program.  The result is not
great though for the purpose.

> This would need special link handling and some file naming rules.
> Obviously forms and edit buttons should also be skipped. Again I
> would like to see special handling for the core docs so that if I
> put the ref*.html files in the same directory as the pregenerated
> code the links to core docs would JustWork with the local copies.

I think it would be easiest to write a simple picoLisp script that
would render the picoWiki text files to html and handle all these
specific cases.  This is something to think about.

> PS (are you planning on releasing the code under GPL or some such
> licence? )




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