Hi All,

OK here's an example of using con and set. which I'm planning to put
up on the wiki.

I decided to re-implemtn the fifo function using these primitives.
Before I write up an article anyone see any room for improvment. I
plan to mention altarnative ways of doing things Such as using circ
for building the inital circular list. but would like to keep the
basic example using con and set to do the heavy lifting.

(de my-fifo (Fifo Item)
        (let RealFifo (eval Fifo)
          (if Item
            (if RealFifo # Adding to a Fifo
                  (let NewHead (cons Item (cdr RealFifo))
                        (con RealFifo NewHead)
                        (set Fifo NewHead)
                  (prog # Creating a new fifo
                   (set Fifo (list Item) 'RealFifo (eval Fifo))
                   (con RealFifo RealFifo)
            (if (== RealFifo (cdr RealFifo))
                  (prog1 # Returning the Last Item
                    (car RealFifo)
                    (set Fifo NIL))
              (prog1 # Returning an Item
                    (cadr RealFifo)
                    (con RealFifo (cddr RealFifo)))))))

Questions, Comments, Suggestions ?

regards Konrad

On 14/10/2008, Tomas Hlavaty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Konrad,
>> basically tell the system . walk through all your pages generate the
>> HTML and save to a file.
> you can get something like that with wget program.  The result is not
> great though for the purpose.
>> This would need special link handling and some file naming rules.
>> Obviously forms and edit buttons should also be skipped. Again I
>> would like to see special handling for the core docs so that if I
>> put the ref*.html files in the same directory as the pregenerated
>> code the links to core docs would JustWork with the local copies.
> I think it would be easiest to write a simple picoLisp script that
> would render the picoWiki text files to html and handle all these
> specific cases.  This is something to think about.
>> PS (are you planning on releasing the code under GPL or some such
>> licence? )
> Yes.
> Cheers,
> Tomas
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