Hi Alex,

> As I said, not without modification of the low-level error handler.
> Execution is not continued after the error is caught, as the 'catch' is
> in 'mydefs' and not on the lowest level.
> Why would you need that?

It will enable code like this:

      (<tag1 (@ attr1 val1)
         (<tag2 "text")
         "text" ))

'with-xml' would be defined to overwrite the "undefined error handler"
in its dynamic scope to recognize calls whose CAR starts with '<'.

> Also, floating point calculations are better done separately (there are C 
> functions for that)

Do you mean using FFI, i.e. calling C functions from Lisp? If so, how?
Could you give me an example for calling C's "double sin(double x)" in

Best regards,
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