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More questions ;-)

1. In FFI, it seems that 'boxCnt()' (not 'box()') must be used to
return a correct value, why? When 'box()' should be used instead to
return a value? (I see many places in C source that use box() when
returning a value.) Which one should be used to return a

   any f1(any ex) {return box(123);}   //=> -61 in Lisp
   any f2(any ex) {return boxCnt(123);}   //=> 123 in Lisp

2. Is whole database in database files is loaded into memory?

3. Is it possible to have the database file a text file (not binary),
may be a PicoLisp file (like Emacs config file is an Emacs Lisp file)?
So that the data can be manually edited by a text editor.

4. Could you please explain "hook" in the database library (+Hook and
the "hook" arguments)?

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