Hi Henrik,

> When you have a database of several hundred GB, have you used the
> ability to split it up? If so why and how, what considerations went
> into the splitting decision?

Yes, split up in several types of application that communicate with each
other, where each application has its own DB (split into several files,
of course). These applications run on a number of blades, each with
multiple CPUs. The two biggest DBs we have at one customer, one with 250
million and one with ore than 300 million primary items. As each item is
represented by about 7 database objects, plus some auxiliary objects and
a lot of indexes, the total number of external symbols at that customer
is around four billion.

> I recall faintly that you had to implement remote database
> functionality at one point (I even think that discussion is in the
> mailing list somewhere). Was that done for this very project which is
> using the big DB?

Yes, this is what triggered that feature. There is a central application
that queries the other DBs.

- Alex
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