Hi Olle,

> bash-3.2$ ./dbg lib/http.l lib/xhtml.l lib/form.l -'server 8080 "project.l"'
> !? (ht:Pack @U)
> ht:Pack -- Undefined

Oops. Something went wrong with the build process. 'ht:Pack' is part of
the 'ht' shared object library (DLL). Either in "src/ht.c" (for the 32
bit version) or "src64/ht.l" (for the 64 bit version).

In both cases, this shared library should be automatically built with
'make'. Did you do it as described in "INSTALL"?

> And in what way does it differ from 'pack'?

It is almost like 'pack'. 'ht:Pack' takes only a single list argument,
and packs it to a symbol (string). As it does so, it takes care of
characters special in the HTTP protocol, that is '%', '<', '>', '&', '"'
and space. Also, it builds characters from a #hex notation.

- Alex
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