(1) installing ... yes I did exactly what the INSTALL says .... was so lazy that I even copied that text from INSTALL and pasted into the shell ;-)

(2) Pack vs pack. I see. Pack does some HTML/HTTP specific job. I was thinking along the lines of hacking a new Pack based on pack. But now I see that it is probably simpler to wait for the original to be updated.


On 15/04/2010 18:02, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Olle,

bash-3.2$ ./dbg lib/http.l lib/xhtml.l lib/form.l -'server 8080 "project.l"'
!? (ht:Pack @U)
ht:Pack -- Undefined
Oops. Something went wrong with the build process. 'ht:Pack' is part of
the 'ht' shared object library (DLL). Either in "src/ht.c" (for the 32
bit version) or "src64/ht.l" (for the 64 bit version).

In both cases, this shared library should be automatically built with
'make'. Did you do it as described in "INSTALL"?

And in what way does it differ from 'pack'?
It is almost like 'pack'. 'ht:Pack' takes only a single list argument,
and packs it to a symbol (string). As it does so, it takes care of
characters special in the HTTP protocol, that is '%', '<','>','&', '"'
and space. Also, it builds characters from a #hex notation.

- Alex

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