Hi all,

as this discussion popped up recently and in the past, and will surely
pop up in the future: What do you think if PicoLisp were released under
the BSD license instead of GPL?

My reason for asking this is simple: On several occasions I experienced
that the acceptance of PicoLisp is limited by the GPL. Companies are
reluctant to use it because they are afraid of being forced to publish
their little secrets. Their fear is sometimes rational and sometimes
not, but the effects are the same. For me it is critical, as my economic
survival depends on it.

Ideologically, I prefer the GPL. It guarantees that "freedom"
propagates. But it does this by cutting down on freedom, so it is
schizophrenic. I used to compare the situation with freedom in a
society: A society should not give an individual member so much freedom
that he can make himself a dictator and thus destroy freedom. But this
comparison is wrong. Using free software in a non-free project doesn't
decrease its freedom; it just doesn't increase it the way the GPL tries
to enforce. So is this just much ado about nothing?

- Alex
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