Hi Tomas,

> > For me it is critical, as my economic survival depends on it.
> Do you mean that your economic survival depends on changing the licence
> to BSD?  Then yes, because without you there is no PicoLisp;-)

No, it does not depend directly on the licensing issue ;-) But on
PicoLisp in general, and its acceptance.

> http://www.linfo.org/linus.html
>    In what Torvalds now admits was one of his best decisions, he decided
>    to release Linux under the GPL (GNU General Public License)...

If you look at the whole sentence, however,

   ... under the GPL (GNU General Public License) rather than under the
   more restrictive license that he had earlier planned.

The BSD license is _less_ restricted.

> Although I wouldn't mind a BSD style licence.

OK, thanks. Does this also include your XML stuff and other input?

> It's mostly your sweat you're giving away;-)

Do you think that we would _lose_ anything? Giving away per se is not

- Alex
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