Hi Alex,

> btw, the strategy of deriving _all_ flow functions from 'loop' is very
> elegant!

thanks!  It is indeed elegant and very inefficient;-)

For production system, all these functions should be coded in Java
instead of lisp, but it vas a great learning exercise this way,
especially in the context of argument evaluation and shallow binding

One thing which should single native flow function make easier is
rewriting it to be tail recursive but I haven't got around to
experimenting with that.

Maybe another interesting exercise would be to rewrite the necessary
minimum for your Fibonacci benchmark just to see how wl compares to your
ErsatzLisp speed-wise.

What I actually like most about wl is the Java FFI which is very general
and I know only one very rare and avoidable case where it doesn't work
(due to some obscure Java rule which I don't remember well anymore).


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