Hi all,

now I simplified the file structure of Ersatz PicoLisp a little, to make
it better usable as a stand-alone system.

The start-up script 'erl' (as it was described in "ersatz/README" and
"INSTALL") doesn't exist any longer, and it now can (or should) be
started directly as

   $ ersatz/picolisp

A minimal package is also available, indepentent from the standard
Picolisp release, under


It contains the README, but no sources or documentation. There are only
three runtime files: The "picolisp" start-up script, the JAR file and a
combined "lib.l".

Anyone care to try it under another OS, e.g. Windoofs?

This would probably require making a batch file "ersatz/picolisp.bat",
along the line of "ersatz/picolisp". The PID is probably not available
there, so some arbitrary number might be used.

- Alex
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