Hi Jon,

>  I look forward to try this ErsatzLisp, but I have no Java 1.6 available 
>  yet. I tried to install it on Ubuntu, but I didn't succeed. I ended up 
>  with a broken package, and haven't managed to clean up the mess yet. ;-)

Oh - too bad! Sometimes everything goes wrong.

>  Maybe you could write a note on this ErsatzLisp on the Forum News 
>  section here: http://picolisp.com/5000/-2-B.html

Yes, good idea. That's what that page is for after all.

>  I'm also curious about "bootstrapping the 64-bit version". What's in 
>  it?

I wrote a little about that in http://software-lab.de/INSTALL and
http://software-lab.de/doc64/README. In a nutshell:

While Ersatz PicoLisp should work right of the box (perhaps an illusion
as we see in your case ;-), and Pil32 just needs a C compiler to build,
does Pil64 need a running PicoLisp system to build the "*.s" files from
the sources "src64/*.l".

Now the build process started by (cd src64; make picolisp) is clever
enough to fall back to "ersatz/picolisp" if there is no "bin/picolisp"
yet. That's all. This assumes, however, that a Java runtime system is
installed. If not, the pre-generated "*.s" files can be downloaded.

The rationale behind that is: These "*.s" files are relatively large,
and quite redundant as they can be easily built from the "src64/*.l"
files. Until now we have only "*.s" files for the 'x86-64' architecture
and 'linux' platform. But if there are more in the future, the release
size would explode.

- Alex
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