Hi Jon,

> I now re-did everything from scratch, in a new clean "ongoing test", and I
> think the results are now more what you had expected. The error messages
> were now just this:
> sed: 1: "x86-64.darwin.base.s": extra characters at the end of x command

Ah, OK, this makes sense.

It seems that 'sed' behaves differently, depending on the system. The
"-i" option (in-place editing) may take an argument for the "extension".
In GNU this is optional, but I suspect it is mandatory on the Mac.

Please try

   sed -i'' 's/@plt//' x86-64.darwin.base.s

(an empty argument immediately after the 'i') or some variations of it.

In any case, the final result should be that the "@plt" items are
deleted, similar to the examples I gave

> > here on my system).
> >
> > Here on my system, line 1957 of x86-64.darwin.base.s changed
> >
> >    1957c1957
> >    <    call     allocC_A@plt
> >    ---
> >    >    call     allocC_A
> >    1970c1970
> >    <    call     getpid@plt
> >    ---
> >    >    call     getpid

- Alex
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