Hi Damir,

> One question - the app/ example, how does gui.l gets loaded? I can
> see main.l calls app/init.l, but from there, what's the code
> execution path?

Well, that's easy :) Line 14 of "app/main.l" loads "app/gui.l". It needs
to be loaded only once, at the server's startup.

"app/init.l" is, btw, called even more seldom, on a new database to
populate it with some initial data.

> How can I sort of step-by-step inspect how app gets loaded?

You might 'trace' functions you are interested in. If there is no
special set of functions you want to trace, you can call (traceAll), for
example after you got the debug prompt and before clicking on some link.

- Alex
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