Hi Thorsten,

> Therefore I tried to make a table that summarizes all possible meanings
> of @ in Picolisp in one place (see attached html-file below). Please let

Wow, that's a nice roundup!

> me know what I've missed or where I misunderstood something.

In addition to the case of 'text' José mentioned, I could recall one
more usage of "@" (as a transient symbol in this case): If passed to
'native' for the library, the current main program is used.

In the case of "command line" and 'load', I would say "path names" in
general, as it concernes most I/O functions.

And the case of the (now obsolete) url-syntax might be better omitted,
as it is no longer valid.

> If you think the table is worth it, I could make a wiki-page for it, but

Sure, absolutely!

> I don't have access to the picolisp-wiki. 

This should be easy. Just click on "Create account" in the login dialog.

- Alex
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