Hi Alex,

I had no problem connecting to https://wiki.picolisp.com when using Safari 5.1.2 on my Mac, but with Firefox 10.0.1 and Chrome 17.0.963.46 I got "connection was reset" and got no further.


On 2/15/12 8:00 AM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi all,

since Firefox 10 (Windows) is out, some of my customers complain that
they can't access their PicoLisp applications via SSL any longer. At
least one also reports the same for Safari.

They can't access even the application's start page. The browser refuses
to connect.

I've already generated new (self-signed) certificates, but this didn't
help. Could it be 'httpGate'?

Does anybody have an idea? I can't reproduce the problem here, and the
browser's error messages are not helpful at all.

The problem might be reproduced also on the demo app


or also on the Wiki


though the latter is not covered by the certificate's Common Name (as it
is for "*.7fach.de").

Why does this happen only with new browsers? I suspect something might
be wrong with 'httpGate', though it worked during the last 10 years
without problems.

- Alex

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