Hi Tomas,

> you could try nginx as Tamas suggested and see if you get the same
> problem.
> Tamas Herman <hermanta...@gmail.com> writes:
> > just put an nginx in reverse proxy mode in front of pil.

Yes, but as I tried to explain in my previous mail, it won't work with
the application server. It depends on 'httpGate' rewriting parts of the
HTTP header, and inserting certain PicoLisp-specific "new" headers,
which would not work if 'httpGate' believes to work unencrypted.

> A sample configuration is at
> <http://logand.com/blog/picolisp-behind-nginx-proxy.html>.  It should
> work same as httpGate passing the right parameters iirc.

Perhaps, if it were running stand-alone. But not with the whole
app-server machinery.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering whether the observed problems might have
anything to do with the fact that PicoLisp (and httpGate) run in IPv6
hybrid mapped addresses mode. Perhaps some browsers suddenly can't cope
with that? Just an idea ...

- Alex
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