Hi José,

> points to a protocol error, either the browsers are now doing something
> nonstandard or you cut some corner (or relied on something nonstandard
> clients used to do) when you implemented the proxy originally and they
> came back to haunt you.

Yeah, that's what I'm suspecting too. But what?

> Perhaps there is a light reverse proxy like tinyproxy or something like
> that you could put in front of httpgate to temporarily solve the
> problem by now?

Thanks. 'tinyproxy' looks indeed nice.

However, I think it is quite difficult to get it run in front of
'httpGate', because 'httpGate' would then run in plain (non-SSL) mode
and would not do the proper URL rewriting necessary for the server. In
effect, the connection would then run unencrypted after the first page.

- Alex
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