Hi Alex,

On 11/5/12 2:29 PM, Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Jon,

I'm maybe a bit optimistic, but I had to try OpenGL with pil64emu
(again on Mac) ...
Not optimistic at all! I consider pil64emu as finished.

Here OpenGL works already since last week. I tried, for example, your
"pyramids.l" (also attached to this mail):

    ./pil pyramids.l +

    *GluLib "/usr/lib/libGLU.so"
    *GlutLib "/usr/lib/libglut.so" )

 From what I can see, there's no libglut.so to be found on my Mac.
I thought it worked previously on pil32?

- Alex

A long time ago we had OpenGL stuff working with pil32 on Mac, by using "my" library (which has been available externally from http://folk.uio.no/jkleiser/pico/gl.tgz). That library no longer builds or works with more recent pil32 versions (on Mac). Re. pil64, that one has never worked on Mac. I did use pil64 a bit on Ubuntu via VirtualBox on Mac. So where/how can one then obtain libglut.so (and libGLU.so) for use on Mac, if they are required?

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