Hi Jon,

> >Here OpenGL works already since last week. I tried, for example, your
> >"pyramids.l" (also attached to this mail):
> >
> >    ./pil pyramids.l +
> >
> >
> >>(default
> >>    *GluLib "/usr/lib/libGLU.so"
> >>    *GlutLib "/usr/lib/libglut.so" )
> >>
> >> From what I can see, there's no libglut.so to be found on my Mac.
> ...
> via VirtualBox on Mac. So where/how can one then obtain libglut.so
> (and libGLU.so) for use on Mac, if they are required?

I don't know what to do on the Mac, but as a generalization I changed
the above two default lines in "lib/openGl.l" to

      *GluLib "libGLU.so"
      *GlutLib "libglut.so" )

i.e. I removed the absolute paths. This should make it less dependent on
the specific system installation. Works well here. Any objections?

- Alex
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