Thanks Thorsten!

I will give it a shot. This gives me a reason to try emacs again for
picolisp. I installed everything the other day and then switched back to vi
and vi mode in the repl after getting frustrated with not knowing how to
cycle through my command history in inferior-picolisp. I am so used to
<esc> k j

After some googling tonight I found how to cycle using

   - M-p (comint-previous-input)
   Select the previous command in the input history.

   - M-n (comint-next-input)
   Select the next command in the input history.

It might be nice to add this and any other tricks to your emacs style page.

By the way, if no one has tried it yet, ConqueTerm makes a nice alternative
to inferior-lisp when using vim. I typically run it in a split. I've found
the paren matching to be somewhat slow when it copies in the text so
sometimes I'll just skip ConqueTerm altogether and map a key to run pil on
the file I'm working on.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Thorsten Jolitz <>wrote:

> Hi List,
> I just posted a reference article on the wiki
> (!wiki?emacsstyleled) that explains how to
> activate and use the new Emacs-style command-line editor developed by me
> (with some help from Alex).
> You can try it out with the new testing version available on
> the download page. Feedback is welcome. The goal is that Emacs users
> feel right at home at the PicoLisp command-line - that its possible to
> switch between the REPL and Emacs almost without being aware of changing
> the application (like switching between Emacs and Conkeror).
> There is still some functionality to add, but it works already quite
> good, I use it all the time now. I would be highly appreciated if Emacs
> users could test it and report bugs.
> --
> cheers,
> Thorsten
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