Joe Bogner <> writes:

Hi Joe, 

> I will give it a shot. This gives me a reason to try emacs again for
> picolisp. I installed everything the other day and then switched back
> to vi and vi mode in the repl after getting frustrated with not
> knowing how to cycle through my command history in inferior-picolisp.
> I am so used to <esc> k j 

there is something superior to inferior-picolisp out there: Tomas
Hlavaty's slime/swank mode for PicoLisp. He recently posted the link to
his git-repo on the mailing list. Thats a top point on my agenda to make
that mode work for me and replace inferior-picolisp. 

However, I found it very frustrating to be totally lost on the PicoLisp
command-line (since I don't know nothing about vi). And I do think that
the PicoLisp philosophy (live in the command-line, open an editor on
demand) does have its merits sometimes. Therefore I wrote the
Emacs-style editor. Its still alpha, but now I can use the PicoLisp line
editor in a 'natural way' (for an Emacs user), just like I use the Bash
command-line in Emacs mode "without thinking".

> After some googling tonight I found how to cycle using
> * M-p (comint-previous-input) 
>   Select the previous command in the input history.
> * M-n (comint-next-input) 
>   Select the next command in the input history.
> It might be nice to add this and any other tricks to your emacs style
> page.

Thats already implemented, but I used C-p and C-n instead of M-p and M-n
since there is only only line in the REPL and and C-p and C-n can't
server as line-up and line-down in a buffer. However, I could change
that anytime. 

> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Thorsten Jolitz
> <tjolitz@googlemailcom> wrote:
>     Hi List,
>     I just posted a reference article on the wiki
>     (!wiki?emacsstyleled) that explains how
>     to
>     activate and use the new Emacs-style command-line editor developed
>     by me
>     (with some help from Alex).
>     You can try it out with the new testing version available
>     on
>     the download page. Feedback is welcome. The goal is that Emacs
>     users
>     feel right at home at the PicoLisp command-line - that its
>     possible to
>     switch between the REPL and Emacs almost without being aware of
>     changing
>     the application (like switching between Emacs and Conkeror).
>     There is still some functionality to add, but it works already
>     quite
>     good, I use it all the time now. I would be highly appreciated if
>     Emacs
>     users could test it and report bugs.
>     --
>     cheers,
>     Thorsten
>     --



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